Method — Teddy Bear Carpet Care uses the hot water extraction method of cleaning, sometimes referred to as steam cleaning.  For residential carpet cleaning this method is recommended by most of the carpet manufacturers.  In fact, many of the manufacturers require this method of cleaning within a specified period in order to maintain the warranty.

Products — We use plant based non-toxic biodegradable cleaning products that meet or exceed the EPA’s Design for the Environment program. We are confident that using these products daily will not compromise our health and likewise confident that occasional usage in your home is safe for your children and pets.  Our primary supplier is Biokleen.  For more information on their products please visit their website

ProcessInitial Walk-Through
We have our client walk us through their home to show us the areas to be cleaned and to explain any problem areas of special concern. We evaluate the cleaning requirements and advise the expected results.
This provides dry soil removal and we provide this service when required although we ask that client’s vacuum 1or 2 days prior to our arrival. This helps to save time and reduce costs.
— Pre-Treatment
We apply special spotting solutions to problem areas prior to general cleaning to provide a better chance of successful removal.
— Moving Furniture
Prior to cleaning a room we place furniture-moving skids under legs to provide easy movement. This allows us to move, clean and replace furniture to its original position.
— Pre-Conditioning
Carpets are pre-sprayed with a Biokleen cleaning solution to break down general soil and spots.
— Agitation
A carpet groomer is used to agitate the pre-spray solution into the carpet to help loosen soil prior to the rinse and extraction phase.
— Rinse and Extraction
Carpets are rinsed and extracted in single motion using a cleaning wand.  Soil and excess moisture are removed at this time leaving a clean fresh carpet.
— Post-Treatment
Stains that remain are given extra attention with specialty products. More extensive procedures may be tried at extra cost subject to client approval. Small color loss areas may be dyed to replace the missing color as well.
— Carpet Protector
Carpet mills recommend periodic replacement of carpet protector that has been lost since a carpet was new. This can minimize the chance of permanent stains in the future.  It also makes future cleaning easier.
— Drying Fans
In most cases large floor fans are placed after a room is finished to speed drying time.  This works like using a hair dryer as opposed to towel drying your hair.
— Final Inspection
Clients are invited to inspect the results of the cleaning to make sure they are thoroughly satisfied.

Before we Arrive  — content to follow

After we Leave — content to follow